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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join the pool? 

Any public transit authority created and operating with the state of Ohio with the financial ability to fund a large self-insured layer.

How can my transit authority join the pool? 

Provide all renewal and financial data requested through the underwriting process, accept the pool's bylaws and pay the first month of coverage.

Do we have to purchase all coverages offered? 

No. All members are required to participate in the health coverage. All other ancillary coverages are optional.

What happens if we don't currently have a plan? 

The pool in has created five standard plans to meet all of your needs. 

Can my out-of-state employees receive coverage

Absolutely. The pool has the ability to rent networks wherever required.

Does the pool provide wellness services? 

Yes, the pool offers wellness services to all its members that most appropriately fit our members needs.

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Can we keep our current plan? 

Yes. Members are required to provide their own plan. Exceptions to this rule involve limitations with our claims and reinsurance partner. Additionally, changes can only be presented to the pool during the yearly renewal period.  Five standard plans are also offered through HTPO for you to choose from. 

Do you offer a fully insured program? 

At this time, we are continuing to develop a fully insured program that could support low deductibles. Please contact the office for additional information.

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